March in Granada

In Pomegranate The visitor can enjoy an intense night activity around the city. One of the places you can not miss if you are looking for fun is The Profile, an electronic music pub, the favorite for young people and party lovers. Fuses aesthetics with music a lot.

March in Granada

Is also The Bowling, for calmer visitors, with a calm atmosphere, ideal for meeting friends and having coffee, as well as enjoying the best of jazz. It also stands out in this area Alambique, Eshavira, Morgan Y Red Dwarf

If what you are looking for are live performances you can go to Low Silver, Cha Room, Baghdad or Reserved Fund.

March in Granada pub

Another must-see is the Latin Quarter Pub, the best salsa place in Pomegranate. If the visitor wants to know to have fun in another way, he can go to The salt, a gay club, frequented mostly by gay boys.

March in Granada dancing

A nice place to have coffee is The lanterns, where you can run away from the bustle of the city. It also highlights the Café Bar Chicago.

The Buda Disco and the Dabu Pub in Granada.

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