March in Madrid

There are a wide variety of areas in Madrid to start the march, since the nightlife in this country is usually very active.

madrid by night

The first thing is to decide where we want to go, be it a pub or a disco. The beneficial thing is that you can visit several pubs and not having to pay the entrance fee, if the place does not convince us we can go find another one.

March in Madrid disco

Among the most visited areas is:

Argüelles, is the youth zone with techno music discos.

The Gate of Sol, ideal to go out during the week, being close to several hotels where tourists leave to begin to know the movement in the nearest discos.

march in madrid

Chueca, is he Madrid’s gay neighborhood, and it is usually one of the most fashionable areas, not only in its premises, but also they present a very modern gastronomy.

Alonso Martínez, where you will find countless pubs, with a great variety of dance music, whether Spanish, techno or disco, where most people range between 20 and 30 years of age.

march in madrid bars

If you want to try other things there is also the Lope de Vega theater, the Starbucks and the Tapas Trail.

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