March in Valencia

This is one of the places with the greatest night movement, which mostly begins with The High Street, which is the favorite of night lovers.

On many occasions the march in Valencia It starts from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon.

march in valencia

For those who wish to start in a pubs, this is limited until 3:30 am, but you can continue in the discos as they close around 7am. The busiest clubs are in the nursery areas.

March in Valencia disco

One of the busiest neighborhoods is The Carmen, for having a great variety of bars, which manage to satisfy a very diverse audience, both in music, and in accessible prices.

The Claca, It is one of the most visited bars for the sympathy of its employees.

march in valencia bars

Mare Nostrum Every weekend the Tunos sing to the women attending, harmonizing the night.

This type of fun, in the same city, is usually at any time of the year, but in the summer the march usually moves to the beach or its surroundings.

March in Valencia Beach

For the most part, it is teenagers who enjoy these weekends very close to the sea by the port of Valencia or in the beach of Cabañal-Malvarrosa, where the breeze next to the beautiful terraces and live music help a lot of fun.

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