Marinas in Spain

Spain is characterized by being a coastal country. Its 8,000 kilometers of coastline are home to countless sport ports. The highest concentration of marinas is in the Mediterranean Sea. The Blue flag distinguishes them for their cleanliness and facilities. Almost all have their origin in the ancients fishing villages that have grown and today present another aspect.

Port of Palma de Mallorca

As sports navigation does not end on the ship, ports offer modern sailors and complete facilities. Not only will we have the basic services insured, we will also find shops of all kinds, restaurants, shopping centers and everything we imagine.

Port of Gijon, Asturias

Just to name some of the most important, we will say that the ports of Vigo, Bayonne, Gijón or Santander. Over the Mediterranean, the Olympic Port of the city of Barcelona, the Port América’s Cup of Valencia or that of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.

Port-America's-Cup, Valencia

The Spanish ports are the scene of many races of international importance. As the America Cup in Valencia in 2007, or the Around the World from Alicante in 2008-2009.

We can start browsing in any of the sailing schools that abound in the yacht clubs. In the holiday season it is possible to take courses on boarding school in many of them. There are many facilities.

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