Metro – Bilbao

The Bilbao metro It has a “Y” shaped path with two lines that run along both banks of the estuary until they converge on a common trunk that reaches the south of the city. It is connected to the trolley car, the commuter train and long haul, and with the terminal of Bilbao buses, Termibus. In total, the Meter It has 40.61 km, has 38 stops (22 underground and 16 surface) and 74 accesses (excluding elevators).

The design of the Metro network from Bilbao was commissioned to the team of Norman FosterBritish architect This was based on steel, glass and concrete, in order to achieve a wide and comfortable urban design. A remarkable aspect is the access structure of the Meter, based on glass, which are affectionately called “fosteritos”, for the relationship to its architect.

Both lines of the meter They are as follows:

  • Etxebarri-Plentzia (L1): It measures 31 km and has 28 stops. It links the Bilbao stations with the municipalities on the right bank.
  • Etxebarri-Portugalete (L2): It measures 20 km and has 22 stops. It joins the Bilbao metro stations with the left bank. It stops in several of the most populated municipalities of Biscay, among which Barakaldo, Sestao and Portugalete stand out.

The node station between both lines is San Inazio in the neighborhood of Ibarrekolanda. The subway is divided into 5 tariff zones. In the following image is the location of the metro areas:

The banknotes specific to Bilbao metro (sold in the dispensers of the stops themselves) can be:

  • Occasional: A trip. 1.20-1.35-1.45 euros depending on whether it is for 1, 2 or 3 zones.
  • Round trip: Two travels. 2.40-2.70-2.90 euros as per 1, 2 or 3 zones.
  • Day ticket: Valid for a whole day unlimitedly. 3.00 euros.
  • Super 50: Valid for 50 trips to be made in a period of 30 days. 21.00-25.00-29.00 euros depending on whether it is for 1, 2 or 3 zones.
  • Monthly: Valid for 30 days with no travel limit. 26.50-32.00-37.00 euros depending on whether it is for 1, 2 or 3 zones.
  • Young Ticket: Valid for a whole year for children under 26 years. 172.00-202.00-233.00 euros as per 1, 2 or 3 zones.

System banknotes it is closed, that is, it is necessary to validate the ticket both in the entry and exit machines.

The meter It works from Monday to Thursday from 06:00 to 23:00, and until 02:00 on Friday to Saturday and on the eve of a holiday. The frequencies during the weekdays are 3 minutes in zone “A”, 6 minutes in zones “B.0”, “B.1” (only up to Bidezabal) and “B.2”; and 18 minutes in zone “C” for most of the day. During peak and holidays, the frequency it is reduced to 5 minutes in zone “A”, 10 minutes in zones “B” and 20 minutes in stops included in zone “C”.

There is night service uninterrupted throughout the night from Saturday to Sunday (Friday in summer), with trains every 15 minutes on the common trunk and every 30 minutes on the rest of the routes. During the Bilbao Big Week the Meter Offers special services every night.

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