Metro – Lisbon

The meter from Lisbon It has 48 stations spread over four lines. In Portugal It is considered one of the best treatment projects for architecture, decoration and art exhibitions in most of its stops.

His four lines They are:

  • Gaivota (blue): It has 15 stops and travels 12km from Santa Apolónia to Amadora Este.
  • Girassol (yellow): It has 12 stops and travels 11km from Rato to Odivelas
  • Caravela (green): It has 13 stops and travels 9km from Casi Do Sodré to Telheiras.
  • East (red): It has 9 stations and travels 7km from S.Sebastião to Oriente.

2004, the network of meter from Lisbon left the geographical boundaries of the city. This fact necessitated the creation of a new tariff system based on zones. A system of urban crowns was established. The Lisbon itself would form the “Crown L” and another crown, “Crown 1”, would encompass the new stops of the meter, already outside the city limits.

A ticket for 1 zone it costs 0.80 euros and for 2 zones it costs 1.10. In addition, you can buy a card – called a chain – of 10 trips, for € 7.30 for 1 zone and € 10.40 for 2 zones. The schedule It is from 06:30 until 01:00 (except some stations that close at 21:30).

All entrances to the stops are marked by a red “M”. There is an amazing amount and variety of works of contemporary art at the stops. The most notable are “Entre Campos”, “Baixa-Chiado” and “Oriente”.

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