Metro – Melbourne

It is called metro the new metropolitan railway of Melbourne. The train network of Meter It has 15 lines and 211 train stations. More than 400,000 passengers travel daily on the 149 six-bag trains for 830 kilometers of road. It is a railway electrification system that travels through the city with 19 lines, all pass through the underground City loop.

Flinders Street Station

The normal schedule is from Monday to Thursday from five in the morning to midnight, from Saturday they extend their schedule one more hour, at night. To get your ticket, find out about the new system called “Myki”, although you can also continue using the Metcard. Normally passengers who connect from buses or tram use it.

Southern Cross Station

The main train station is the Flinders Street Station. It is located exactly at the intersection of Flinders and Swantson streets. Another station is that of Southern cross on Spencer Street.
For more information on schedules, maps, planned interruptions, etc., you can enter the website of Metrotrains.

Subway interior

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