Metro – Paris

This transport system will always be much more comfortable as it passes more frequently and its number of stops is greater. Your common name in Metropolitan o Metro and that of Paris occupies the third place due to its extension throughout Europe, the first place is occupied by the London underground. There are 14 lines, their numbering is correlative, but they also have 2 more lines, called 3 bis and 7 bis.

Modern Paris Metro

The rates are not very expensive, we recommend that if you are going to spend several days in the City of Light, you buy a 10-ticket voucher, its price is 10.90 euros, in this way you save not only money, but also time as long lines are formed at the points of sale. If you buy individual tickets they will cost you 1.40 euros.

Metro map Paris

In the platforms and stations there are always many crowded people, so always take your belongings well and do not neglect them.

Interior Metro Paris

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