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Milan for free: enjoy what the city offers without paying

Milan It's one of the tourist destinations in Europe more important. Milan is not only the most visited city in Italy It is the main financial and commercial center of the country.

To be Milan an important tourist and commercial destination, it is understood that it is not a cheap city for tourists. In Milan We will find tourist routes, restaurants, shopping centers and hotels where all the luxury and glamor. However, yes we travel to Milan We must know that there are tourist attractions that we can visit for free or at a low cost.

Between the Milan tourist attractions that we can visit for free we have:

Milan Cathedral. This Gothic Cathedral is important because it houses historical, cultural and artistic treasures of the history of Italy. We will also find several churches that we can visit for free such as The Church of Santa María de las Gracias.

Sforzesco Castle. Imposing castle whose construction began at the end of the 14th century and ended a century later.

Sforza Castle. Municipal museum where we can see La Piedad by Michelangelo.

Museum of applied and decorative arts. In this museum we can visit passages full of objects from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance that characterized the history of this country. Among them we will find furniture, musical instruments, costumes, weapons, armor, crafts, among others.

Archaeological Museum of Milan. This museum is important because it houses remains of what was the Roman wall of Milan.

Monumentale Cemetery. Here we can see the tombstones and caves that house the most illustrious Milanese within a space exceeding 250 thousand square meters.

Museum of Natural History. Here we can see important exhibits of fossil remains, minerals, prehistoric animals and plants.

Villa Reale. Ideal for fans of everything related to contemporary art as they can find works by illustrious artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Gauguin.

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