Monte del Agua – Tenerife

The Monte del Agua It is a lush forest, with an area of ​​approximately 800 hectares. It is located in the municipality of The Silos, in the northwest region of the island of Tenerife. It has great height, between 600-1,200 meters and treasures fauna and flora, in many cases endemic, of great ecological value. In the area we will find several hamlets with their inhabitants keeping alive the ancestral traditions.

The laurel mountain o Monte Verde depends on the humidity of the sea of ​​clouds that bring trade winds. It is, together with the mountains of Anaga, a true representative of the tertiary flora, with many endemic species that have survived by the steepness of their terrain furrowed by numerous ravines. It can be said that it is in good condition.

The highest areas, with colder weather and with more humidity, are populated by laurels, acebiños and vineyards, with low vegetation of mountain pulley, mosses, ferns, lichens and fungi. The areas of lower height have heather and fayas, and where the temperature is higher we can see strawberry trees and mocan.

The whole place is crossed by paths between stone walls that are excellent for making trekking, since many are paved and do not present great difficulty.

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