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Montparnasse in Paris

Montparnasse is on the left side of the Seine river and it is a neighborhood with many tourist attractions.

Montparnasse in Paris

They stand out among them:

The Montparnasse station in Paris. It is located at No. 17 of Vaugirard Boulevard. It is tourist attraction for having a World War II museum and the Post Museum outside the station.

Montparnasse in Paris station

The cemetery of Montparnasse. It is a tourist attraction for the graves of certain characters, such as César Vallejo, the famous Peruvian writer; Julio Cortázar, shares the grave with his last wife and Samuel Beckett, his grave is in one of the main halls. At the entrance of the cemetery there is a map that helps tourists locate the famous tombs.

Montparnasse in Paris Cemetery

The Montparnasse Tower. It can be seen from anywhere in the city, because it is 210 meters high and 59 floors.

Montparnasse Tower View

It has a terrace, from which you have an excellent view up to 40 km. In most of the floors there are offices, but on the 56th floor there is a restaurant, which you can reach in the elevator in only 38 seconds, in addition to having other attractions from one of the highest points in the city.

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