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In the territory of Morocco The desert seems to predominate. However, it has four mountain ranges. The middle Atlas, The Great Atlas, the Antiatlas and the Rif. Its highest mountain is Toubkal which exceeds 4 thousand meters high. Highlights the Sebou Valley, located between the Rif and the Atlas. In addition there is the Atlantic plain and a plateau. The mythical desert begins south of the Antiatlas mountain range of the Sahara

Morocco road map

It is Mediterranean climate. In the mountains the rains are more abundant and the temperatures are lower. In the Sahara the climate is of course desert. Its main ones are Sebou, Rbia, Draa and Moulouya.

Morocco mountains road map

The Mediterranean forest is the dominant biome of Morocco, divided into three ecoregions: the North African Mediterranean forest, the Mediterranean shrub steppe and the Mediterranean dry forest and succulent scrub of acacias and erguenes.

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The Kingdom of Morocco is organized in 16 regions (Settat, Safi, Fez, Kenitra, Casablanca, Guelmin, El Aaiún, Marrakech, Meknés, Oujda, Dajla, Agadir, Beni Melal, Tangier, Alhucemas) , 10 viyalatos and 31 provinces.

Moroccan road.

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