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Most glamorous destinations in the world

Glamor can not only be lived if we have a high economic level, although that helps, it is also necessary to have an attitude to enjoy the destinations that can make us feel unique and glamorous. Currently, these destinations are usually more exotic than years ago where New York or Paris were the most important. Within most popular fashion destinations in the world we have:

St. Barts in the Caribbean Sea. Is paradisiac island It is one of the most glamorous in the world. Crystal clear beaches, nature, luxury resorts, reefs, yachts, internationally recognized brand stores, among others, are the main attractions of St. Barts. This is the quintessential fashion destination for Hollywood actors and actresses, millionaire entrepreneurs, models, etc.

Gstaad ski resort in Switzerland. The favorite destination of artists and royal families, this ski resort offers all the necessary services for a luxury stay. Five-fork restaurants, luxury villas, five-star hotels and the smallest but exclusive brand store boulevard in the country, are some of Gstaad’s main attractions.

Wakaya Island in Fiji. Considered an earthly paradise, Wakaya Island has an impressive tropical flora, crystalline beaches and luxury services that made it be chosen by the Princes of Asturias for the honeymoon. If what we are looking for is exclusivity we will not have problems because we can stay at Wakaya Club Resort, club where only eight couples can stay to be able to optimally enjoy one of the last tropical paradises in the world.

Among the most glamorous destinations in the world we also find: Goldeneye Resort (Jamaica), The Hamptons on Long Island (United States) and Cote d’Azur (France).

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