Mountaineering in Cazorla

Ahhh, seeking adventure in the company of Mother Nature is one of the most beautiful experiences of life, where no doubt every traveler will always find what is proposed.


When we turn our eyes towards the horizon we observe the highest points, always! Our view always automatically goes to the mountains, hills, volcanoes that exalt the horizon. The best thing about it, is when we propose to make a trip to them to climb them, reach their summit and get the reward of having reached there. Many times it becomes a bit simple to reach the top, but where it truly represents a true achievement and an adventure, often extreme due to geographical conditions, it is climbing where it is no longer enough to access with the feet, but using of tools, such as ropes, harnesses, shovels, spikes, etc …


To make a mountaineering trip we try a tour of a couple of days through the high and rocky mountains of Cazorla, from where you will start the trip with a tour through its forests on horseback to then reach the camping area, and begin climbing to the next day!


The packages are obtained from the Internet on the Cazorla website, but you can also go to “Muchoviaje” and book, with an average of € 200.- per person on a climbing trip that will fill you with adrenaline and peace in nature !

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