Mugaritz Restaurant tasting menu

After a period of absence within the culinary options, the Mugaritz Restaurant reopened with a commitment to the vanguard of gastronomy.

More than five dozen professionals from different parts of the world work here and there is no letter since what they offer us is a unique menu that goes from 170 euros and, in the words of Andoni Luis Aduriz, seeks to make us live a meta-experience culinary

The tasting menu of the Mugaritz Restaurant (considered one of the best restaurants in the world) is made up of twenty dishes, although, before them we will be invited to try a series of snacks among which the thorns with lemon, garlic, cayenne and cloud stand out of blue fish in dried flowers.

Then, the experience of the tasting menu of the Mugaritz Restaurant will begin with the slices of fuagrás in curing of clay and Sechuan peppers, all bathed in an apple extract and we will go through other delights such as the ravioli of aromatic vegetables, broth of the day with leeks and carrot and hazelnut stew with nacre.

As the menu progresses, the best dishes on the menu will begin to arrive, for example, bacon slices in pumpkin and tomato game, grouper with candied onion chips and roasted meat in lobster cream and its own juice.

Inside the desserts we can taste wafer of toasted milk with lemon ice cream and almond ice cream. The pairing? Outstanding as everything on the tasting menu being in charge of Nico Boise. Within the chosen wines we can opt for the Gran Reserva de la Finca 07., Transistor 09, Sake Kozaemon, Chateau Haut Lagrange 06, among others.

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