Multiadventure in Cuenca

Today we propose to review the main places to enjoy multiple adventures and sports activities in Cuenca.

adventure in Cuenca

Day 2 adventures + barbecue: This is one of the most common routes for tourism, especially if it is your first visit to Cuenca.The route includes a pass through the Serranía de Cuenca, as well as other complementary packages to comply with a series of sports routines. Prices from € 80, special offers on weekends.

Canyoning in Cuenca: But if what you want is a little more physical demand, then we encourage you to participate in any of the adventure sports such as canyoning that are usually scheduled in Cuenca. Ideal to participate among friends, as a couple, or with the whole family. And what better reference for the canyoning practice that going to the Adventure Park of Cuenca, where we can book routes from € 100 per person.

Multiadventure Cuenca

In general, the most profitable offers are available on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays, where a greater number of travelers congregate. There are special packages for all tastes, with tours of two or three activities for a single price.

In addition to the canyoning practice, packages with other random activities are usually included to choose from, where we have sports such as quads, mountaineering, excursions or horse riding.

Multiadventure in Cuenca

In that sense, the horse route can also be done individually, with an offer that has accommodation, food and quad, all available during the weekend at an affordable cost of 85 euros per person.

Among the corners and tourist attractions that we can visit, it would not hurt to go to Villalba de la Sierra, a beautiful natural destination that hides the most imposing landscapes, conducive to an adventure trip. As you can see, demand offers are available in a wide variety for all tastes and budgets.

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