Multiadventure rafting

In Spain there are several places conducive to the practice of rafting. The Pyrenees They stand out for their spectacular falls and for their appropriate climate, especially in the north of the province of Lleida, in the Sort area, and also next to the Nogera Pallaresa River.

Multiadventure rafting

It is also great to practice rafting in the areas of Huesca, especially in the river Gallego or the Cinca, also in the region of Sobrarbe and the Ara river. You can also do rafting in the high Ebro in Cantabria, and in the Miño river in Galicia.

Multiadventure fast rafting

The rafting It is a team sport, as all the raft crew members row and orient their weight together and in a coordinated way to travel the rivers and lakes and stay afloat. The standard number of people boarding the boat is six and eight; However, it depends on the size of the boat.

Multiadventure rafting en route

The guide is the one who knows each part of the river in detail and must have first aid knowledge. The beginner usually starts at the center of the boat, where there is less movement. Those with experience can row in the front and the most experienced in the back.

Preparation for rafting, and travel to the end of the route.

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