Culture and traditions

Murano – Venice

Murano It is an island of the Venetian lagoon, and is located 2 kilometers away from Venice. It is known worldwide for its main industry, glass crafts.

At the end of the 13th century the glass factories that were in Venice were forced to move to the island of Murano to avoid the risk and fires due to the high concentration of furnaces. Thus begins the history of this tradition that, over the centuries, has turned Murano into the Europe’s largest glass and glass production center.

A walk through the small island will show us, almost exclusively, a trade focused on this industry. Many of the small factories organize freeGuided visits with demonstrations in their workshops and then a step to purchase in their stores. It is worth witnessing the craftsman blowing works, where from a bubble of molten glass at 1,200ºC when blown by a tube and manipulated by the skilled craftsman, it acquires beautiful artistic forms.

The main street that crosses Murano walks us between shops that offer unimaginable objects of decoration and costume jewelery made with the traditional technique. But the island is full of huge sculptures from on the streets Be sure to visit the Glass Museum to know the evolution of the techniques.

Of course, it is also worthwhile to take the opportunity to visit the churches of Saint Peter Martyr, with his beautiful paintings, and that of Santa Maria and San Donato, famous for keeping the bones of the dragon that San Donato killed.

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