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Museum of the Inquisition – Lima

Located in the center of Lima, in front of the Congress of the republic, is the Museum of the Inquisition. It is a place visited by tourists and Peruvians who want to know more about the time of the inquisition in Peru.

Museum of the Holy Inquisition

Between the environments of Museum of the Inquisition What stand out the most are:

The Secret Gate, which formerly led to a place where only the Senior Inquisitor He had access and where was the popular head of Christ that was managed by someone from the Inquisition to carry out the trial of the damned.

Museum of the Inquisition

The Chamber of Torment, where people used to be tortured at the time of the Inquisition.

The secret prisons, with underground dungeons that have been maintained over the years.

The Library of the Inquisition, also known as the Library of Congress of the Republic.

Inquisition Court

Museum of the Inquisition

Jirón Junín 548, downtown Lima
Tel: (511)311-7777 Annex 2910
Visits: Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm
Entry: 2 euros

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