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Museums in Paris

The museums of Paris They are a very important piece in the tourist tours of travelers within this wonderful city.
To enter only one of them, justifies the visit.

Petit Palais Museum

The Louvre Museum It is the main one, not only for having an unparalleled entrance, which has the glass pyramid, but its corridors also have kilometers, where the quantity and variety of art is immense. Inside are the best known works such as Venus de Milo, Gioconda, among others.

louvre venus de milo museum

Orsay’s Museum. Located exactly in front of the Louvre Museum. Apart from having impressive paintings inside, the entire structure of the museum is also a work of art for being a old train station.

Orsay's Museum

Carnavalet Museum. This museum is fully dedicated to the history of Paris. Here you can observe archeology, furniture, photographs, among other types of works of art. All concerning the evolution of the city of Paris, from its beginnings to the present.

louvre museum of paris

The Eroticism Museum It is located in Montmartre and aims to educate all its visitors. In this way to be able to leave aside taboos and show with a great variety of sculptures and others, a freer thought.
Below is a sample of the old train station in Paris from the second floor.

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