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Museums of France

France It is one of the european cities receives more tourists annually being one of the museums Main tourist attractions from this city. The museums of France They receive more than seventy million visits a year, with the most important museums:

Pablo Picasso Museum. Picasso’s art is represented by sketches and paintings that cover the blue era, the pink period, cubism, classicism and surrealism; in the Museum of Pablo Picasso. In the Pablo Piccaso Museum, many things are possible, and the artist’s invaluable art remains perennial in each of his most recognized works.

The Pablo Picasso Museum is currently closed for maintenance and restructuring works; It is having been scheduled to reopen in February 2012.

Museum Notre Dame de Paris. Due to the findings located in the archaeological crypt of Notre Dame, we can take a tour of the history of the most famous cathedral in Paris inside the Notre Dame Museum.

Salvador Dalí space. Located in the center of Montmartre, the Salvador Dalí Space allows us to recreate the surreal world that this artistic Catalan conveyed in each work. In Espacio Salvador Dalí we will find a large unique collection of lithographs, sculptures and paintings by Dalí.

Louvre Museum. This is one of the largest and most important museums in the world and currently has more than three hundred thousand pieces of art distributed in more than six departments. In times past, the Louvre Museum was the seat of French royalty.

Auguste Rodin Museum. Located in the Birón mansion, the Auguste Rodín Museum has a personal collection of Rodín, among which his works “The Thinker” and “The Gates of Hell” stand out.

Music Museum. This museum is part of the City of Music, complete music theme of Paris. In the facilities of the Museum of Music we will find around a thousand representative musical instruments from the time of the Renaissance to the present. In addition, we will be able to witness classical music concerts within its auditorium and see small exhibitions of sculptures, paintings and works that focus on music.

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