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National Museum – Lima

Founded in 1990, the Museum of the nation It is a meeting point for people interested in culture and art. It was the main place where the pieces of the exhibition were exhibited Lord of Sipan Shortly after its discovery and, it is also, where musical concerts of all kinds are carried out, highlighting those of classical music.

Museums of Peru

The Museum of the nation It is located at the junction of Aviation and Javier Prado avenues. Among the treasures it stores, the great collections of remains of the Moche, Nazca and Huari cultures can be highlighted. All invaluable pieces of the history of Peru.

Museum of the nation

It also has in its registry the impressive Chavin Lanzón and a recreation of the burial chamber of the Lord of Sipan.

Peru Nation Museum

In the Museum of the nation exhibitions of Peruvian and foreign artists, that is, we will not only see in the exhibition of antiques, but also contemporary artistic manifestations.

The vertex of Museum of the nation It is a place where concerts of national and international artists are usually held. Also, the Los Incas auditorium, it is the place of the presentations of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Mural of the National Museum

Every year it is celebrated in its facilities Lima International Book Fair, where we have the opportunity to buy books with discounts, and listen to writers exhibitions from around the world.

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