National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente – La Palma

He National Park of the Caldera De Taburiente It is located in the heart of the island of La Palma.
The site has a high scientific interest and exceptional landscapes that attract students and travelers eager to explore.

Originated by a series of explosions of underwater volcanoes, this colossal horseshoe-shaped crater has proportions that make it one of the largest in the world: 28 kilometers of perimeter and more than 700 meters deep, with access to the sea through the Barranco of Las Angustias.

Was revered by the Benahoris, which inside the crater erected the Idafe monolith, where they worshiped the god Abora. Surrounded by spectacular mountains up to 2,426 meters high in the Boys roque, which in winter are covered with snow.

The flora of the caldera houses ferns, cedars, pines and other species that give home to a variety of birds among which we will find kestrels, crows and blackbirds.
In the place known as Two waters the waters that descend from the heights converge, in multutid of rivers and jumps, and are channeled for irrigation and human consumption.

To visit the Park it is best to stop by the National Park Visitor Center, which opens all year between 9 and 18:30. There you can inform yourself, access the informative material and buy maps of the place or plan an excursion. Keep in mind that there are no roads in the Park and that access is walking, so it is advisable to do so in two days, for this you must request camping permit for the zone enabled.

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