Navarra tourist guide

Navarre It is a community of Spain located in the Iberian Peninsula and that borders the Basque Country, Aragon, La Rioja, and France. Pamplona is the capital of Navarra and its municipality with the largest population.

How to get

If we are going to get to Navarra from an international destination we will have to arrive at Pamplona Airport, although, we can also choose a flight to Bilbao or Zaragoza that are destinations near Navarra.


Navarra is not a destination of extreme temperatures in addition to having a great diversity of microclimates. In winter its minimum temperature borders 11 ° C and in summer 21 ° C.


The cuisine of Navarra is full of nuances and has been influenced by French, Aragonese and Rioja cuisine. Among the elements present in their typical dishes are pork, sausages and lamb meat.

What to see

In Navarra we will find tourist attractions for both amateur travelers for history, culture, architecture, among others. Among them, the Museum of Navarra and the Palace of Navarra stand out.


Navarra is a Spanish destination recognized for its celebrations of the Feast of San Fermín.

rural tourism

If we are fond of outdoor activities, we will have routes through Navarra where we can explore the rural tourism of this destination, such as doing an excursion to the Navarro Pyrenees.

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