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NGO in Peru

The NGOs in Peru they work to develop projects that feed the dreams of thousands of Peruvians through the communicating structures that are created with a view to a more prosperous future for Peruvian youth, children and children. social groups most in need

Peru a roof for my country

Although numerous associations of this type operate in this country, we can mention as the two most important to:

A Roof for Peru (which would later be called a roof for my country), a project developed with Peruvian bases for the construction of houses in human settlements, especially in the area of ​​the Ventanilla district.

A challenge for a country where housing as a state statute for Peruvian households is often placed in the background as a product of interest.

Little by little, the organization progressed outside the city and nowadays it develops constructions in provinces reaching rural districts in the south of the country.


The second for its democratic work is Transparency, a non-profit association founded in 1994 without any party affiliation. The main objective of Transparency is to ensure the integrity of the electoral elections working for the consolidation of democracy in the country. His organization has volunteers from the 24 departments of Peru and from various countries abroad.

Another leading NGO’s social work that deserves to be mentioned is:

Learn playing: Organization that seeks the adequate social insertion of disabled children and combats discrimination against them.

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