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NGOs, non-governmental organizations based in different countries, and with ID cards that work interchangeably among the most needy states, develop as work axes for social projects across the planet

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Usually your funds usually come from government entities aimed at the development of neediest communities (especially those in the areas of third world countries).

In the world there are countless NGOs that work hard on issues and production, social development, environmental protection, wildlife protection, etc.

The themes in general tend to be very diverse, as are the approaches given to the various subjects.


Perhaps the best known of the group is Greenpeace, an international organization that watches over the defense and care of Nature.

Their campaigns have repercussions worldwide seeking a vital symbiosis between the concept of environmentalism and social normativity.

Another issue that also has many NGOs working is that of the social responsability. This category highlights Doctors Without Borders, winners of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. This is undoubtedly the largest humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical aid in the world.

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