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NGOs in Brazil

Non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Brazil They do a great job supporting the development of the most needy. In Brazil there is poverty and extreme poverty and that leads to other needs that must be covered.

extreme poverty

Every NGO specializes in a subject, is like its area of ​​action, which does not prevent more than one NGO For the same problem. For example, the NGO who work with the children and adolescents of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro They are several. What is sought is that these boys leave criminal life and see how to make a living in an honest way or return to school.

There's also NGOs that are dedicated to promoting energy and services savings, such as NGO SOS Atlantic Forest He recently launched a campaign for Brazilians to urinate in the showers instead of the toilets. What is sought is that water be saved. According to studies, urinating in the shower could save up to 12 liters of water per day per person.

NGO Unite

In the same way there are NGO seeking to eradicate corruption, such as NGO Unite which always launches campaigns to raise public awareness and attract the attention of politicians in that country.

There are NGOs, to promote and defend Human rights, to ensure the health of children, to protect women from abuse, to improve education, to ensure the rights of disabled people, etc.

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