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NGOs in Spain

Social work and human responsibility towards other needy communities and putting their own welfare at risk, is one of the intrinsic objectives of non-governmental organizations.

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In Spain there are currently more than 3000 NGOs working on projects of different kinds. Here are some of the most important:

The Red Cross With its Spanish unit, it is a humanitarian institution for the promotion of peace and national and international cooperation. This help is made through the dissemination of programs on Human rights and support for victims in conflict situations.

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World Vision International Spain It is an NGO that develops programs of humanitarian aid through projects with girls and boys. Its participation goes around 96 countries.

Spain Plan: It is the international unit of PLAN, an NGO focused on children with coverage in 69 countries. Plan is so important that you participate as an advisory member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 1981.

Other NGOs in Spain are:

Action Against Hunger.
Global Humanitarian
United hands.
Land of Man
And many more.

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