Of drinks around the world

If this new season that we have just started, you are looking for, a new adventure, an experience that is totally different from everything you have never known before, then, proposes today’s edition, under the title of “From Cups for the World ”.

World Cups

Just as there are the famous seven wonders of the world, today we leave you with our wonders to experience a trip World Cups:

1- Oktoberfest:

One of the most famous festivals in Germany, held in the city of Munich, ideal to taste the historic German beers!

2- Napa Valley Wineries:

Another of the ideal places to enjoy excellent food and drinks, especially as the name implies … the exquisite wine from California in North America.

3- Guinness Storehouse:

One of the main beverage refineries and this without mentioning one of the most popular brands in the Irish market, located in Dublin, Ireland, cheers!

Let's go for drinks around the world

You can catch a Mai Tai, in the heart of the cold city of New York during its classic winters or experience the same drink, but in the warm and exotic Maui … there is something that always catches the attention of perfect drinks, in the ideal place, a destination that actually urges the instincts to cover well beyond their common limit, an adventure that takes us far beyond experiencing a simple drink with alcohol …

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