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Opera Palace – A Coruña

The Palace of the Opera of A Coruña It is located on the site occupied by the old quarry, in the American roundabout of the current Santa Margarita Park. It was him former Palace of Congresses, until the new exhibition and congress center was inaugurated (Palexco) in the Port area.

The building has some classic lines and on the facade there is a spectacular artificial waterfall that was made taking advantage of a slope of the quarry land.

It is currently the headquarters of the Galician Symphony Orchestra and of the Municipal Orchestra, which facilitates that functions are often performed at very cheap and even free prices. The complete programming is jointly managed by public entities in collaboration with private entities, including Caixa Galicia Foundation. It includes opera, classical music and alternatives such as jazz, ethnic or fusion.

The Main auditorium It has a capacity of 1729 seats and technical and acoustic characteristics of excellent quality.

It also has different rooms for events and an area for exhibitions. This building has easy access and offers all the services for the realization of events, up to a parking of 400 places in the basement of the building.

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