Opinions about easyJet: what are its advantages and disadvantages?

easyJet is a low cost airline that, together with Ryanair, leads the air market within Europe. According to user opinions, it presents a series of advantages and disadvantages with respect to Ryanair, as well as several services in common. What are its main characteristics?

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Information about easyJet

EasyJet Airline Company Limited It is a British low-cost airline based at London Luton Airport (LTN). Its history dates back to October 1995, when easyJet began its activity with a flight from London-Luton to Glasgow. Currently, its fleet has 201 aircraft.

However, the recent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), better known as 'Brexit', has caused the airline to be required to apply for an air operator certificate (AOC) in another EU country in order to to continue operating as a European company.

Currently, easyJet operates near 600 routes throughout Europe and more than 100 between Europe and some airports in North Africa. Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Madrid, Mallorca (Palma), Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Tenerife South and Valencia are some of its main destinations from Spain.

EasyJet destinations from Spain

Please note that to book easyJet for the first time, users must register and log in on its official website, in the section My easyJet, which can be accessed from this link. In addition, registering with easyJet brings a number of advantages such as access to promotions, special offers, etc.

easyJet and UNICEF They signed an international alliance in 2012, where their commitment to work together for the rights of children and the improvement of the situation of child poverty throughout the world was made public. The collaboration is part of the global program Change for good and it is possible to donate to support the cause.

In 2016, the British airline revolutionized the market with the launch of some smart slippers, baptized with the name of Sneakairs. The novelty is that they carry a built-in GPS, so that they indicate the path to follow through the vibrations of the feet.

The easyJet shoes are connected via Bluetooth technology through an application for mobile devices. The objective, according to the airline, is to allow the tourist to enjoy without the need to consult maps or the mobile phone.

Advantages of easyJet vs. Ryanair

Air passengers usually compare easyJet and Ryanair airlines when establishing the pros and cons of each.

At the outset, the most widespread opinion is that easyJet regulations on checked baggage are less rigorous, given that the standard limit for checked baggage is 20 kg, while Ryanair must choose between 15 or 20 kg.

easyJet vs. Ryanair

Other highly valued aspects compared to the Irish Ryanair are:

  • Departure from main airports: Unlike Ryanair, easyJet also takes off from major airports. This avoids having to add additional taxi, train or car costs.
  • There is no weight limit for hand luggage: While your hand luggage fits in the hand luggage meters that enable easyJet with your check-in counters, the weight does not matter.
  • Boarding Agility: usually, easyJet enables two ladders to board the plane, one in the front and one in the rear to speed up boarding and avoid overbooking.
  • Puntuality: easyJet is a very rigorous airline with its departure and arrival times.
  • EasyJet Plus card: for the price of £ 170 it is possible to access the advantages of the easyJet Plus card, including seat allocation included in all flights, exclusive luggage delivery counters, service Speedy boarding (priority boarding)…
  • Service rent-a-car: The company collaborates with the Europcar car rental company, so that it offers exclusive offers to easyJet passengers who wish to rent a car when they leave the airport.

On the other hand, both cheap flight airlines have several characteristics in common. For example, in recent years they have reinforced their price transparency policy with marked rigor so that the user does not encounter unexpected extra charges.

Although these low cost airlines do not have a catering service and free press on board, they do distribute a free magazine published by the company itself during the flight. In it they usually inform about their routes and different destinations, as well as other characteristics.

Free easyJet magazine on board

In addition, the two offer the possibility of transporting free of charge the children's equipment apart from your piece of hand luggage and the luggage you invoice. Thus, the transport of baby strollers is free and will travel in the hold of the plane.

Both companies allow you to check the status of live flights. If you are going to fly with easyJet, doing so is very simple through its website, in the section Flight Tracker, which you can access from this link. You can search either by flight number or by origin / destination.

Main disadvantages and problems

What we show below is a compilation of the main claims and opinions based on comments from those who have previously flown with this airline of British origin:

  • One piece of hand luggage: One of the main complaints about easyJet is that it allows a single piece of hand luggage. Therefore, if you want to carry a second package, you must pay the corresponding fee.
  • Disappearance of catering and press service: unlike traditional airlines, in easyJet the catering service and on-board press is not free.
  • Phone number 902: The easyJet customer service phone number is 902 59 99 00, that is, a payment number. An alternative is to complete the contact form that you can access through this link.
  • Excessive punctuality: Given the rigor in their schedules, our advice is that the passengers of the easyJet airline are at the airport more in advance than usual. Otherwise, they run the risk of missing the flight.
Excessive punctuality of easyjet
  • Automatic seat assignment: the allocation of seats is done automatically and randomly during the purchase of the ticket; to choose a seat, an extra fee must be paid.
  • Excess hand luggage: Although there is no weight limit for the handbag, if it does not fit in the luggage meter, you will have to pay an additional fee.
  • Wifi: Like most cheap airlines, easyJet does not offer WiFi connection on board.
  • Flight canceled: after the purchase of a ticket, the airline reserves the right to cancel, divert, postpone or deny boarding without prior notification if it is justified that the flight has been impossible to carry out for reasons beyond its control.

Another disadvantage of easyJet is that the price of your tickets is non-refundable, a feature that you also share with Ryanair.

However, it does allow change in flight date, although for this an extra charge must be paid. If you notify more than 60 days in advance, the commission will be lower than if you do it in a shorter period.

Changes can be made in the "Manage your reservations" section, which you can access by clicking on this link.

Checked luggage and carry-on bag

easyJet considers as luggage checked the transport of larger suitcases or backpacks, as well as musical instruments or sports equipment. Here are the basic requirements that you must meet:

  • Dimensions: each piece of luggage that you are going to check-in has to have dimensions of 275 cm (length + width + height), with the exception of sports equipment or medical equipment.
  • Weight: the standard weight applied to checked baggage must not exceed 20 kg. If this weight limit is exceeded, you will have to pay an extra fee for every kilo of more, being able to do this until you reach a maximum weight of 32 kg; From this figure, the transport of such luggage will not be allowed for health and safety reasons.
  • Combined checked baggage: easyJet also enables the option of combining luggage between passengers, so, for example, if two passengers travel in the same reservation, the maximum limit for both is 40 kg. However, the weight is combinable, so that one of the passengers could carry 18 kg and the other 22 kg.
Checked luggage with easyJet

For hand luggage, the airline establishes maximum dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20 cm (handles and wheels included) without weight limit.

You can verify that your hand luggage meets these requirements in the luggage meters that easyJet enables next to its check-in counters at the airport.

If the measurements of your hand luggage reach 56 x 45 x 25 cm, then they do not assure you that your cabin luggage will be able to travel with you if the plane is very full. In that case, your piece of hand luggage would travel in the hold of the plane without additional costs.

For more information about hand luggage, you can check our article Hand luggage in easyJet.

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