Organic wine

The production of organic wine has become one of the greatest architects and center of attention in Spain, cradle of exquisite wines.

Ecological Vineyards

The organic wine It requires a total change in the production processes, from what is the usual way of paying the crops to the final distillation.

Some interesting aspects that are involved in this type of production are:

– The payment must be organic, it is derived from composting.
– The electricity has to be used in the factory and in the processes, it is obtained by means of solar panels and if the region allows it, the force of the wind is used by means of mills, this is known as “Wind Energy”.

In itself, the main objective of the vineyards that are dedicated to organic wine, is to minimize or even eradicate, if possible, the use of factors external to natural production, no chemicals, or elements that may have an impact on environmental damage. natural.

organic wine

As you can see, organic wine is a booming industry for Spain, as evidenced by the results obtained in a recent survey conducted by “TNS Emnid-Bielefeld”, The population prefers this type of wine, although the cost is higher.

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