Culture and traditions

Oriental customs

The oriental custom They are very attached to eating habits.

In the moment of handwashing, they are very careful, since for them the water that already touched their hands is dirty and does not serve to continue washing. That is why another person must empty the water over the other person’s hands, while the falling water disappears from below through a container with holes.

When they prepare to eat they assume certain positions, such as: sitting on the legs straight, in front of the table or blanket extended on the floor, but if for some this is very uncomfortable, you can also cross your legs.
Before eating, one never ceases to thank the owner of the house as much as in a prayer to God for food.

In the dishes where food is taken, they are the only ones on the table. For each person a small vessel or a copper plate is given, so that they are served.
For Westerners, what is usually surprising is, as the case may be, the use of chopsticks or even hands to eat, leaving aside any type of cutlery.

When they finish eating they perform the same hand washing, which they did before eating.

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