Oriente Express: Gastronomic Routes!

Surely you will be imagining that this time we will travel to the Middle East huh? But not yet! East Express, is a new and unique way to taste the great and exquisite palates of the Eastern routes, located within what was one of the most important railroads in history.

Photograph of Oriente Express

An ideal trip for the family or for all those travelers who are doing their daily business activities in the East, is “East Express”, A historic high-luxury train, rich history and of course its best profit, the exquisite cuisine that enrich each of its old wagons. This train, offers to all those who go inside, the motto of “Traveling with Pleasure”, an aspect that they cover in each of its elements, starting with the luxurious and narrow corridors, which open up to the passage of each one From the passenger compartments, followed by the first course of the day, a delicious breakfast served in the compartments with all luxury and health.

Oriental Food Photo

In addition to the exquisite gastronomic route, through which you will taste the greatest dishes of oriental food while traveling in the East Express, you will also discover why their lands have been rated as one of the most exotic worldwide.

Oriente Express Image

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