Original bars

A Pub It is usually a very busy place especially at night, and the public’s choice for that place is usually not only to relax, but also to have fun and meet people.

original bars

That is why these places should try to be original in the variety of things they can offer their audience.
Some types of original bars are:

Oxygen bars, They are ideal to reduce the tensions of a long day at work. Just sit in one of their massage chairs, you introduce a cannula connected to a machine that will provide you with oxygen. At the end you will feel relaxed and if you do it continuously you will achieve an improvement in your quality of life.

Cocktail Bars, where these unique drinks are the best option to accompany the night, for its beautiful presentations and delicious flavors.

In Madrid you can visit: Cock, Real Café, Del Diego and Gala; and in Barcelona, ​​Boades and Dry Martini.

original cocktail bars

Water bars, here you can find a huge variety of bottled waters, with various designs, aromas and flavors. The reason for drinking water can be diverse, whether for health, for aesthetics or for refinement.

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