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Our advice against jet-lag

Do all the tips to overcome jet lag really work? After talking with friends, family and other travelers in general, I came to the conclusion that this is really something personal and that a lot depends on the type of trip you want to take.

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Based on my jet lag experiences, and also for the methods that seem to work for most people I know, I have compiled a list of personal tips that can help reduce, if not eliminate, the effects of jet lag.

Sleep disorder and jet lag

When you arrive at your destination, do not go to bed until it is late. This can take a great effort since you may feel the need to take a nap, but you must be disciplined. Dare to take a long walk, a swim in the pool, eat something, walk the streets of the city, go for coffee, and anything that will help you stay awake and not think about your tiredness.

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What measures to take against the Jet Lag

Everyone agrees to say that it is necessary to drink a lot of water and some alcohol during a long flight, get up and move regularly. However, it would not be enough to drink a glass of wine or a beer to help fall asleep. Remember to do the right and allowed.

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Can jet lag be avoided?

Doctors and websites give all kinds of tips to fight jet lag, which sometimes turn out to be of little help. There are also dozens of natural herbal remedies, medications or magic drinks that could solve this problem. Unfortunately there is no miracle cure for jet lag.

Have you found a way to limit the negative effects of jet lag? Do you want to share your experiences with our readers?

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