Outdoor activities

There are many ways to enjoy a exercise, without the need to be locked in a four-wall environment. In addition it is usually much healthier, do it outdoors.

outdoor activities

Cycle It is not only a good way to exercise, but also to take care of the environment from pollution, and to admire everything you want. It is a very different way to see what you want, and stop when you see fit, which will be impossible if you are on a public transport.

outdoor activities cycling

Take an excursion This activity is ideal to spend a few days away from the noise of the city and to know through a path and other places beautiful natural landscapes, where you can camp.

outdoor activities excursions

The golf. This sport is synonymous with Spain, which in turn has the best environments in the Costa del Sol to do it. Not only as a competition, but also as courses.

outdoor golf activities

Kitesurf Water sport that barely has 10 years of existence and is already widely practiced in the various beaches of the world. You just have to let yourself slide across the sea on a board, holding on to a kite.

Preparation to practice kitesurfing.

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