Outdoor games

These games They can be both for children and adults, you just have to learn how to play, to have fun in a big way:

Little shoes. For this game everyone who participates must take off their shoes and pile them up, here the order does not matter and from there go away. Then another person will mix the shoes even more. Contestants must find their respective pairs and place them to win.

Noisy. Everyone will have a balloon hanging from every pocket they have. The goal is to burst the balloons of others, trying to take care of yours.

Frozen. Each person chooses a number, the one who starts the game has a soft ball, throws it in the air and shouts a number. He who has that number should catch the ball and shout frozen. From there you can take only 3 steps to hit another participant with the ball.

Strong backs. Each group of two sit on the floor joining their backs and intertwining their arms, the goal is to stand up.

Rope fight. Two teams of the same number of people meet, and each group will pull on one side of the rope, until the other falls or passes a certain limit.

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