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Overweight trip?


Many people have already felt frustrated and in addition to this they have had to pay an extra amount at the airports of the different airlines that we know today, unforeseen expenses that they have had to put forward due to being overweight people who have to cover two seating.

For all those who have been through this problem, there is no more reason to worry because the Canadian, Westjet and Aircanada airlines have just received an order that allows them to travel in two seats paying only one per person with overweight problems.

These companies received the statement from the Transportation Agency of Canada (CTA), which has imposed a period of one year for them to comply with this standard, a situation that leads not only to those who pass through this state but also to those disabled, or disabled accompanied by a caregiver.

Situation that the airlines are not very happy because they say, the staff is not trained to assess and demonstrate when a person suffers from obesity or is overweight, in terms of costs, it does not seem a problem because it has been estimated that this represents 0.09 of the annual income that Canadian companies receive.

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