Palma Night Tour

The beach is heavenly on the island of Majorca, but not everything is sun. Palm, its capital, is the place where the party from Mallorca. All year you will find open clubs and fun places.
The night starts at Slice, that’s where the pubs Y English and Irish pubs. Meeting place with friends, having a drink in good company and enjoying the music.


Jazz, Latin, flamenco or blues fill the night with joy in places like Spirits or Barcelona Jazz Club. The variety will make everyone find their place: topless bars, gay atmosphere, grunge, Latin, pop and Spanish pop music is never lacking. The best DJ’s do not miss your appointment with Palma.


Already late at night everyone moves to the area of Promenade and until dawn the party doesn’t stop. The march of nightclubs, Pachá, Made in Brazil, Tito’s Palma, Mar Salada, Victoria Center, just to name a few of the many there are.
In Palma the atmosphere is one of the best in the march of Europe.
The night is for dancing without stopping in the discos and in Palma the party lasts all night!

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