Parachute adventure in Madrid!

Skydiving and jumping to Tandem have been one of the adventures reserved for a long time for those of the most intrepid and adventurous who are always in search of strong emotions that accelerate the pulse and raise our adrenaline, now we have the opportunity to try it at hand !

Skydiving in MadridSkydiving in MadridOne hour from the Spanish capital of Madrid we have the professional school of

skydiving in lillo Toledo. A school with many years of experience, modern facilities and fully professional teachers who will approach you after a course prior to the adventure of parachuting.

Skydiving in MadridFor those who have their first concern, the attention is often not focused on getting on the plane or preparing before the plane … everything is at the moment the gate opens and we observe the distant land surface! It is here that our heart begins to pound and our adrenaline is already rapidly diluting through our veins! Berry yes … just a moment of total emotion! So for those who feel insecure and for all those who are their first time, there is no problem because one of the instructors will accompany you throughout the descent, maneuvering for about 50 seconds and taking care of opening the parachute so that you can enjoy the trip peacefully for another 8 minutes slowly descending to the surface!

Do you dare alone? Good! For all Adventurers who want to try individual descent are required to take a series of courses that prepare them both textually and practically offered in schools!

One of the most prestigious school with 17 years of experience is the school Skydive Madrid, your website is, has been open for 17 years and is one of the oldest in Spain.

There is also «SKYDIVELILLO», another quite youthful company and attached to extreme sports with a special touch in freelance, heading to Lillo for km 96 of Madrid, 1 hour by car, from Madrid-Barajas airport, but also by train to Arrive at Villacañas station.

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