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Paradise destinations for honeymooners

One of the preparations for the wedding that can give us more doubts is the place we will choose for our Honeymoon. Among the favorite destinations of the bride and groom are the Paradise beaches and cities with many natural attractions. Below we share a list of the most popular places:

Bora Bora. One of the most requested exotic paradises by travelers who are going to have a honeymoon. Here we can stay in a typical all-inclusive hotel or hire the same service but in bungalows that stand out for having bathtubs or swimming pools in front of tropical forests or beaches as there are many over the sea. We can even request to have a Tahitian marriage ceremony held by the ancient island kings.

Phuket This destination considered one of the most important in the Indian Ocean is ideal for a honeymoon because it has the best beaches in South Asia as well as being the largest island in Thailand. Currently, Phuket has international hotel and restaurant chains offering a luxury stay but without neglecting the tranquility of its beaches.

Maurice Island. After the film that Leonardo DiCaprio will shoot in this destination in 2000, Mauritius has become very popular for its waters of different blue hues, its reefs, and its landscapes that will make us feel in paradise.

Seychelles island. Known as The Garden of Eden, this destination in the Indian Ocean is one of the most desired in the world with its more than one hundred and fifteen islands. Beaches with crystal clear water, gentle waves and white sand, vegetation, and all the necessary services to have a dream stay, make these islands located east of the African continent are the most requested by the couple.

Bali Ideal for those who, apart from the paradisiacal spaces, are looking for a destination surrounded by spirituality, Bali is famous for its temples, natural spaces, the culture of its villages, crystalline water beaches and its springs. For this destination there are many offers and packages with all-inclusive services for all budgets.

Other recommended paradise destinations are: Maldiva’s Islands, conformed by more than one thousand two hundred islands that stand out for their corals and for being one of the few destinations that conserve their natural state; The Roques, located in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Venezuela, Los Roques is made up of fifty keys that stand out for their gastronomy, art, culture and tradition; Y Santori, ideal for honeymooners looking for natural spaces but also many nightlife offers.

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