Paragliding in Madrid

If we are fond of outdoor activities and make us live a moment full of adrenaline, we can cross the sky of Madrid flying in a paraglider. This activity is usually carried out in a two-seater paraglider so that we are guided by an expert and only have to worry about enjoying the experience and the landscape.

To perform this activity there are several companies in Madrid They offer us various packages and flight options. Among them we have MAD Patient (located at Calle Antonio Gaudí 16 28840 Mejorada del Campo, Madrid) company that offers three options:

Flight baptism, here we will learn the basics of sport and we will make a flight in a two-seater for an average of 25 minutes (this flight has a price of 60 euros); High mountain flight, with a view of the northern mountains of Madrid, this flight has an average duration of 30 minutes and usually takes place between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (this flight is priced at 90 euros) and the flight Acrobatic, only recommended for fans of strong challenges because for more than thirty minutes perform extreme stunts (this flight is priced at 120 euros).

Other recommended companies are: Paragliding Madrid (626 751 685-949 851 346) and Paragliding From Madrid to Heaven, a school that teaches since 1990. In all the options we can acquire at the end of our adventure, a dvd with the record of the whole experience Of flight.

To perform paragliding we do not need to acquire some type of sports equipment, however, it is ideal that we are wearing comfortable clothes and sports shoes.

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