Paragliding in Valencia

Paragliding is an adventure sport in which we can fly using a parachute-like equipment – even some use motor – to fly over the cliffs and mountains. This sport is considered by adventure sports fans as a unique experience where we can fully feel freedom.

In Valencia there are many natural spaces where we can perform this sport, even, we will have independent instructors or belonging to a flight club or travel agency to guide us. That is why in most cases if we are not experts, we will fly in a two-seater paraglider where we will be guided by an instructor.

Pre-flight classes usually include a brief instruction so that takeoff, flight and landing are simple or more manageable (we will go ahead and the pilot back). Then we will be ready for the flight and the pilot is that he will decide at what time we will start the trip according to the orientation and strength of the wind.

One of the companies we can contact with is Paragliding Valencia (Musician Penella 9-12, 46017). Here the basic package offers instructional classes and then a 30-45 minute flight in a two-seater paraglider, the cost goes from 115 euros.

Other recommended schools are the Paragliding and Paramotor School of Valencia, which offers a team of professionals specialized in this exciting sport; and the Paragliding Notoolate, where apart from practicing paragliding we can choose as other experiences such as hot air ballooning, parachutes, horse riding or rafting.

Within the variants of the paraglider, let's not forget that we can have a first approach to this sport practicing paramotor, in that case we can opt for a case of initiation course that has an average price of 150 euros for one person and 250 euros for two persons.

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