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Party – Tomatina Spain Buñol (Valencia)

A unique and exceptional party that welcomes more participants every year, more than 40,000 last edition, every time from corners farther from the planet, and that is that a whole town immersed in a great tomato battle is a show that you should not miss.

The event takes place in Bunyol, a small town in the Valencian community, on August 29. The party begins long before the battle of tomatoes, although the latter is the most important event that begins at 11, where one after another trucks begin to parade loaded with ripe tomato through the main streets of the town, the tomato is thrown into the crowd and this in turn begins to throw it among his teammates.

After an hour of intense combat, where not only tomatoes are thrown but the clothes of many of the participants are also thrown among the people, either because of the heat and the flushing that is lived or victim of some group of funny people They are dedicated to tear off t-shirts, preferably to the female audience.

La Tomatina is a unique event that is worth living if you plan to spend the summer on the Valencian coast.

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