Pilgrimage of El Rocío – Huelva

The Pilgrimage of El Rocío it is done in honor of the Virgin of El Rocío, The White Dove, as his followers call it. It is a pilgrimage until the village of El Rocío, 17 kilometers from To the mountain, in the province of Huelva.

Hermitage of El Rocío

It is celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, 50 days after Easter Sunday, this year 2010 will be the may 23. But a week before they leave from their centers more than 100 brotherhoods rocieras. More than a million pilgrims arrive from all over Spain and the world, which makes this manifestation of popular fervor, one of the largest religious pilgrimages in the world.

Carts and rosemary

They cross the Doñana Park and, for six days, horses, carriages, traditional Andalusian costumes, country meals, music and joy flood everything. You walk during the day and camp with dancing and joy at night.

The road of El Rocío

It is said that “El Rocío is the way” and so it will be, but there are also other great days. Once the brotherhoods arrive at the village of El Rocío, on Saturday, in the Presentation they meet and celebrate until nightfall. On Sunday morning, after the Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Huelva, the Rosary is prayed and at night it goes in procession to the hermitage, when young people make the "Jump to the fence" and they take the Virgin from her altar to process. Then the farewell until the following year.

Jump of the gate

Faith, devotion and fun unite and move all the participants. It is said that whoever makes the path repeats. "Long live the White Dove!"

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