Pink wine

At the beginning nobody called it “rosé”, until this wine got this name for its color that is between white and red. For its elaboration, not only the skin of the grapes must be pink, but also the juice.
Sometimes this type of grapes is not achieved, so what is done is the mixture of white grapes with inks, in order to obtain the pink color.

rose wine vineyard

Also know as Roseé wine, name that was adopted by the wine brands, The bells Y Reneé Barbier. In this way the choice of wines became much simpler, because they no longer had to select among all the reds.

serving rose wine

Now rosé wines are as well treated in their elaboration as any other, because after so long their name has come to have their own impact.

Experts have called it a fresh drink for the summer and above all accompanies very well Galician cheeses, Asian foods, rice, pasta, vegetables, poultry and white meat.

pink wine


Bodegas Ochoa, Bodegas y Viñedos Artazu, Viña Dorada, Bodegas Romale, Bodegas Mazón, Bodegas La Sangre de Ronda.

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