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Places to visit in Miami

Miami It is an American city located in Florida which is recognized for its importance in the commercial sector (in its streets we will find headquarters of the most important banks, television networks and companies in the United States) and in the entertainment sector (it is one of the international centers of the performing arts, the presentations of the most popular fashion designers, music production and film productions).

Miami is a tourist destination in high demand for its excellent weather, its Beautiful beaches, your offers in stores and your cosmopolitan cuisine. If we have this city as our next travel destination we must visit:

• Fairchild Tropical Garden. Located in the southern area of ​​Coconut Grove, Fairchild Tropical Garden is a botanical garden that has more than thirty hectares and where we will find a wide collection of plants belonging to the rainforest.

• Bayside port complex. Located in downtown Miami, from this complex we can make boat trips to know the entire coastline of the city.

• Little Havana. Little Havana is a popular destination in Miami where its streets will transfer us to the Havana lifestyle because it is the area where the largest number of Cuban migrants who have arrived in this city of the United States live. We can visit the Walk of Fame located on Calle Ocho, the Cinema Theater Tower, and its various restaurants where you can taste the most typical of Cuban cuisine such as the Cuban sandwich, the mojito, the old clothes and the pig masses.

• Bass Art Museum. This museum was inaugurated at the end of the 20th century when Bass artists made a donation of an art collection to this city. Currently, the collection has more than three thousand works of art among which Botticelli's works stand out.

• Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Located in the southern area of ​​Miami, this mansion built in the early twentieth century, has unique gardens and neoclassical designs on its more than four hectares.

• Bricknell Village. Popular destination for its varied offer in shops and restaurants. Located on 9th and 10th streets of Miami Avenue, Bricknell Village has more than twenty thousand square meters where we will find jewelry stores, cafes, designer shops, bars, spas, gyms, among others.

• Lincoln Road Mall. Outdoor pedestrian walkway where we will find restaurants, cinemas, shops and art galleries. At night we can see presentations by street artists.

• Miami Beach. Along Miami Beach we will find white sand beaches – the most popular in the city – where we can do water sports such as diving, sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. This area extends from Lincoln Road Mall to 87th Street.

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