Planning an exotic destination?

We have all been attracted to travel to cities other than ours, to reach the farthest and most hidden corners of the world, to discover cultures that live in another era of time present in ours. But so much adventure always carries risks that many times the tourist does not calculate. That is why I present some tipa to enjoy the adventure that they will surely want to tell their future generations.

We must inform ourselves of the characteristics and current state of the destination region, for this it is not necessary to go to any company or entity, we will use the Internet that will present us with the most current combined with experiences of other adventurers like us. We proceed to review the documentation and currency in force in the destination area, To always have the addresses and telephone numbers of government entities to which we can resort in case of help, such as hospitals, embassies, etc … regarding sanitary controls, which are always aware of foreigners, we have to take control and documentation of our medical status, as our vacu

nations and infections. Once installed, it is advisable to always take care of your belongings, as well as your personal hygiene, watching what you are going to eat, since many of these countries have customs different from ours, where many times hygiene does not represent a rule to adhere to.

Finally, it is worth noting, remembering the prudence and logical awareness that comes before any circumstance, to enjoy and take many photographs for the talks of our future stories!


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