Pleasure trip, to the Thermal Villas of Catalonia

Catalonia is recognized throughout Spain for its water. Where the already commercial Vichy Catalán water comes from.


Modern spas, health and relaxation temples, open their doors for tourism that comes to enjoy rest, liquid massages, sophisticated relaxation treatments from north to south, from Caldes de Malavella to Montrió del Campo. Where the spas and houses that offer spas are located parallel to the coast. There is the origin of so much spa, since the numerous and constant failures gave way to ruptures in the earth’s crust from which today warm and mineral waters emerge, a source of health for the organism.


In the past it was the Romans who first discovered how to take advantage of them, with their rustic hot springs and rest centers. Currently, all these have already become comfortable spa centers, which include modern treatments and alternative therapies that seek to promote inner peace and flow the energetic fields of the body.


We advise you to visit the Catalan villages during the autumn season, when we will enjoy its waters without suffering the agglomerations, in addition to feeling the heat of its waters leaving behind the cold of the new winter.

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